Our little church is greatly assisted by donations from its many visitors. If you would like to help our small community support the ongoing mission and worship at St Olaf’s, you can donate on-line here:

Regular Giving

Longer term projects include the conversion to green heating (for our winter visitors and congregations!), insulating the roof and improving drainage in the churchyard.  If you would like to help us raise funds for these projects you can make a single donation here:

One-off Gifts

We could not fulfil all that we have been called to do and be in our area without the generosity of so many people who support to the life and ministry of St Olaf’s.

Your transaction is secure and will be remitted direct to St Olaf’s bank account. There is a Gift Aid box to tick, if appropriate, which means HM Treasury will add 25% to the value of donations.

We thank you!

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