Opening hours

Opening hours – Services are held at 11am on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, and on Easter Day and Christmas Day.

St Olaf’s is open daily, every day of the year. Hours of opening are approximately 9am till 5pm.

If it’s not raining, there’s a seat in the churchyard – sit and enjoy the views, the pure air, and the sounds of nature all around you – it’s no poor substitute for the church interior at times when St Olaf’s is closed. Indeed, Wasdale Head has been described as a cathedral of nature with the fells as the walls, the views as the windows and open to the heavens!

Visitors so often say they feel close to God here, not just in the peace and simplicity of our little church but amid the beauty of our surroundings. We welcome you to Wasdale Head and St Olaf’s..

The churchyard – sit and enjoy the surroundings
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