March News

WEDDINGS at St Olaf’s are always special and each year many who were married come back to the church – something we ask them to do when they get married here.  At the beginning of February 45 attended the wedding of Thomas Heathcote and Meghan Griffiths, packing the church, and filling the Wasdale Head Inn for the weekend. At the end of February we look forward to the wedding of Martina Smith and Neil Porter with a similar number attending.

MARCH SERVICES – Sunday  12th March 11am Morning Praise, Sunday 26th March 11am Celtic Morning Praise.

WASDALE HEAD PCMC – the bi-annual meeting of the Trustees is at 5.30pm on Wednesday 22nd March in the Inn, followed by supper.

APRIL, HOLY WEEK AND EASTER – throughout April we are displaying the dramatic 14 Stations of the Cross painted by renowned artist Jenny Hawke. St Olaf’s is open every day from around 9am till shortly before dusk.                 

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